ProSpore2 ProSpore2 is ideal for in-office validation and monitoring of steam sterilizers and has the same ease of use and indications as the ProSpore. It consists of a paper disc carrier containing Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. The disc is enclosed in a plastic tube along with a glass vial containing media for growing the bacterial spores. Bromocresol purple has been added to assist in detecting spore growth. The outgrowth of spores decreases pH, causing a color change from purple to yellow. A shorter incubation period allows a validated 24 hour result.

Item # Item Description Usage - Purpose Stk-unit
3864 ProSpore2 plastic ampoule Steam Autoclave 50/Box
3904 ProSpore2 Starter Kit Monitoring Starter Kit for steam sterilization Kit
3901 ProSpore2 plastic ampoule E/O Gas Autoclave 50/Box

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HealthLinks ProSpore2 starter kit (cat # 3904) provides a complete system to fulfill the critical need of routine sterility monitoring. The system provides all of the components necessary for performing in-office testing: A monitoring log book, incubator, 50 ProSpore2 tubes, 2 rolls of autoclave tape.