ProSporeProSpore is a safe, easy to process, self-contained biological indicator for validating and monitoring steam sterilization of liquids. ProSpore consists of a sealed glass ampoule containing Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores suspended in growth media. A pH indicator of bromocresol purple has been added to assist in detecting spore growth. The outgrowth of spores decreases pH, causing a color change from purple to yellow. A shorter incubation period allows a validated 48 hour result.

Item # Item Description Usage - Purpose Stk-unit
3471 ProSpore glass ampoule Self contained sealed biological indicator suspension 10/Box
3571 ProSpore glass ampoule Self contained sealed biological indicator suspension 50/Box

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1.  Exposure:
Place one or more ProSpore Biological Indicators in the most difficult location to sterilize (usually near the drain or suspended in a volume of liquid). Run Cycle.

Caution: After sterilization, handle ampules with care. Contents of the ampule are hot and under pressure. Failure to allow sufficient cooling time
(10-15 minutes) may result in bursting of the ampule.

2. Incubation: 
Place the ampule in a vertical position in an incubator maintaining 55º - 60ºC.  Mark a control ampule as such and incubate along with processed ampules to ensure
spore viability.  HealthLink recommends an incubation time of 48 hours.

3. Monitoring:
Examine the ProSpore ampules daily during incubation. Record observations. All Positive vials should be recorded and then disposed of immediately.

4. Interpretation: 
- Control:  The control vial should exhibit a color change and/or turbidity.  If the control ampule does not show signs of growth, consider the test invalid.
- Test:  A failed sterilization cycle is indicated by turbidity of a change in color to or toward yellow.  A test ampule that retains its purple color indicates
   an adequate sterilization cycle.
- Resistance Characteristics:  In saturated steam at 121ºC:
- Survival Time (in minutes) = not less than (labeled D-value) x [(log10 labeled spore count) - 2]*
- Kill time (in minutes) = not more than (labeled D-value) x [(log10 labeled spore count) + 4]*