ProPack™ Integrators

ProPack™ IntegratorsProPack™ Integrator is a Class 5 Integrator designed to accurately depict the lethality of steam sterilization cycles at 121ºC (250ºF) and 135ºC (275ºF). ProPack™ changes from green to black upon exposure to adequate sterilization conditions: 7 minutes at 132ºC - 135ºC and 20 minutes at 121ºC.

ProPack™ is not intended to replace regular Biological Indicators (BI) testing. Use ProPack™ in conjunction with BIs as described in current AAMI Standards and Recommended Practices. When used as directed, ProPack™ Integrator strips provide immediate visual confirmation of adequate steam penetration into packs. During exposure to steam, the indicator strip turns from green to black. If the strip becomes as dark as, or darker that the color standard, sterilization conditions were met at point of placement.

Item # Item Description Usage Stk-unit
3919 ProPack™ Integrator Immediate visual confirmation of adequate steam penetration into packs 100/Box

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