HealthLink's (SCBI) Incubator

Self-Contained Biological Indicator

The HealthLink biological indicator incubator is designed for convenient and effective incubation of self‐contained biological indicators requiring incubation temperatures of 37°C, 57°C, or 60°C. The incubator features a built‐in thermometer with LED display, 13 incubation cavities, and an integrated activation (crushing) cavity.

A self‐contained biological indicator consists of a capped thermoplastic culturing vial containing a glass media ampoule and a carrier inoculated with bacterial spores. Upon removal from the sterilizer, the indicator is activated according to manufacturer's directions for use. The activated indicator is then incubated for a specified length of time and observed for color change of the growth medium. If the medium turns yellow during incubation, the test is positive indicating growth and inadequate sterilization.

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Item # Item Description Model
3613 INCUBATOR, ProTest, LED 35C,57C,60C 1410
3604 INCUBATOR, ProSpore2, LED 35C,57C,60C 1450

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