Mission Statement:

Our company and its brands are recognized as vehicles for our distribution partners to create new sales, increase gross profits and decrease costs in product procurement.

Clorox Healthcare Partnership

HealthLink® and Clorox Healthcare Partnership HealthLink® and Clorox Healthcare have joined forces to better serve the medical community. Together, we offer a wide range of proven infection control solutions to help protect patients from the spread of germs.

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, orders related to the following product lines should be placed with EDM3. Please see www.edmthree.com or call 800-638-2625.

Stains & Reagents
Medical Lamps & Batteries
Biopsy Punches & Curettes
ProSpore and ProSure Biological Indicators
CitraStat air freshener
Water Collection bottles

Effective May 1st orders related to plates, tubes, UTM Transports, Transporter Swabs, antibiotic disks, and QC organism should be channeled to Hardy Diagnostics. Please see: hardydiagnostics/healthlink


Alert: Ebola and Enterovirus D68